Working together means you will get a passionate advocate who will fight for the good of your business, a dedicated partner, and your biggest fan.


Ready for the next step, but not sure how to get there? Totally understandable. There are SO many options out there, and even more voices telling you what you should and should not do. I will help you navigate through all of the noise and develop a clear path forward that will best suit you and your unique individual circumstances.

Brand Development

I will guide you through a collaborative process that will result in a clear and cohesive direction for your brand—from both a visual and written perspective. We’ll cover everything from specifically defining your audience, to establishing your voice, to writing a short and sweet brand story—and more—so that you are empowered to truly connect with your customers.


I will bring your brand’s values, voice and vision to life through design. From your logo to your stationery, we’ll provide you with all the tools you need to get your brand out into the world. And we’ll set you up for success by shaping your brand into a living, breathing entity that can grow with you as you start making moves.

Selected Projects

We’ve partnered with entrepreneurs and small businesses across a variety of industries to take their brands to the next level. Get a feel for what we could create together by clicking through a few select portfolio samples below.


We offer three packages that will meet you wherever you are on your branding path (though we can create something custom for you too). Here’s a quick overview of what they include:


Brand Development

The Discovery package is the perfect jumping off point. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur who is looking to make a change or you're just starting out, we will work together to lay the groundwork for your brand. You will emerge from this process with a detailed plan for the tone, voice and visual direction your brand should take in order to connect with your ideal customers.

What You Get:

  • 1-on-1 Consulting Sessions
  • Brand Audit
  • Audience & Competitive Analysis
  • Brand Tone
  • Brand Values, Promise & Story
  • Mood Board


Brand Development + Brand Identity

With the Voyage package, we will build upon the foundation we established in the Discovery phase to bring your brand to life. We'll develop a complete brand identity system extending from your logo to your official stationery. You get everything from the Discovery package, PLUS what you see below.

What You Get:

  • Logo System
  • Color Palette
  • Typography System
  • Supporting Graphic Elements
  • Mini Style Guide
  • Social Media Icons and Artwork
  • All Assets for Print & Digital Use
  • Business Card & Letterhead Templates
  • Up to 5 Cards Fully Prepped for Printing


Brand Development + Brand Identity + Website

The Odyssey provides you with the complete package—a brand-spanking-new visual identity from start to finish. In 10 weeks your business will be out in the world, from your logo to your website, so that you can start making plans, connections, and impact. You get everything from the Voyage package, PLUS what you see below.

What You Get:

  • Fully Branded Website Design & Development
  • Flexible Content Management System using Wordpress
  • Hosting Guidance
  • Site Testing & Launch
  • Video-based CMS Training & Tutorials
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