It used to be pretty much impossible to get insight into a brand’s marketing strategy.

But Instagram has completely changed all of that. We now have a crystal clear window into how a brand is choosing to market to their audience, at least via social media. We can, without much effort, see exactly who they are targeting and how they’re going about doing so.

So in an effort to give you some inspiration for your own strategy, I’m rounding up a handful of brands that are excelling on Instagram. Their accounts are well-curated, visually consistent and very much aligned with how their brands show up elsewhere.

The best way to get something out of this is to take a good look at what these brands are doing and how they’re doing it. Then ask yourself questions like:

  • How often are they posting?
  • What visual styles are they using? Only photography? Mix of photography and artwork? Do the visuals have a particular style?
  • How long or involved are their captions? Do they vary? Do they have a particular style?
  • Are they posting on stories at all? How often? What type of content are they sharing?

Then figure out what resonates with you. Are there any strategies that you might want to draw from to improve upon what you’re currently doing? Anything you know you don’t want to do?

The idea is not to copy but to get inspired. Use these examples to figure out if there are any techniques that you might want to implement for your own brand in your own way.

This month, I’m focusing on brands in the travel space. But even if you’re someone who owns a housecleaning business, (or something else entirely unrelated to travel) there is still much value to be found in exploring these accounts. It’s less about the specific content and more about the strategy surrounding what, when and how they post.


Hawaiian Airlines


Lonely Planet