About Courtney

Most mornings you can find me on the yoga mat, and most evenings you can find me curled up on the couch with a glass of wine.

But as often as possible, I am off exploring somewhere new, breathing in ocean air, and soaking up every bit of the world around me. I have a deep-rooted desire to make things, a boundless sense of curiosity, and love losing myself in stories. I treat my cats like children, have a profound connection to Hawaii (which you’ll see is pretty obvious if you spend more time around here), and believe in striving to take every action, big or small, from a place of love.

When it comes to design, my goal is to make work that is thoughtful, long-lasting, and most importantly, authentically “you”. I have a knack for listening with intention, which makes it possible for me to develop a brand that brings your ideas and passions to life.


About Brian my right-hand man

In addition to being my husband, Brian is my all-around web development guru. His attention to detail and his problem-solving nature has played a huge role in developing sites—for both clients and ourselves—that are cleanly designed, user friendly, and highly functional. And his quick wit and sense of humor definitely keep things fun. But seriously though, for anything from custom email templates, to a super sophisticated content management system, he’s your guy.

About Koa & Bean office mascots

These two ladies bring so much joy to our lives. The degree to which we are amused and entertained by them is probably bordering on the absurd, but we feel lucky to share our space with them every day.

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