Current Course Offerings

Brand strategy and design-related Skillshare courses for budding brand designers and resourceful entrepreneurs alike.

Brand Marketing: Refresh Your Brand Without Redesigning It Entirely

Redefine, modernize, and improve your brand design.

Brand Marketing: Designing an Extensible Brand Identity

Craft a system of brands that work together seamlessly.

Design a Brand Identity: Ask the Right Questions

Establish the best strategic foundation for your projects by asking the right questions.

Design a Brand Identity: Stand Out from the Crowd

Learn a strategic technique to design a brand that sets itself apart.

Beyond the Logo: Crafting a Brand Identity

Extend an existing logo into an entire brand identity system.

Design a Brand Identity: Create a Compelling Mood Board

Create a mood board that is both evocative and effective.

Design a Brand Identity: Create Unique Color Palettes using Mood Boards

Use a mood board to design a color palette that is both unique and strategically aligned with your brand.

Design a Brand Identity: Write an Airtight Creative Brief

Write a creative brief that will effectively set the stage for a successful design project.

By the Book: Create a Style Guide for Your Brand

Create a guide to implementing your brand identity once design is complete.