Much to my excitement, tropical motifs have been turning up all over the place lately. One that seems to have caught on, in particular, is the monstera leaf—the over-sized, lush, green leaf of the tropical monstera plant.

I get why it’s so popular—the leaf’s almost cartoon-like size and shape must make it a super fun subject to draw, paint and make. In fact, a search for “monstera” on Etsy alone brings up 44 pages of results. Lucky for you though, I culled all of those items into a small list of goods that I think might catch your eye.


Hawaiian Monstera Leaves Archival Print by Shana Squier Fine Art
Monstera Leaf Risograph Print by We are out of office

Home Decor

Tropical Leaf Ceramic Bowl by Lauren Sumner Pottery

Monstera Suncatcher by Lightning Works

Ceramic Ring Dish by EmporiuJulium

Clothing & Accessories

Mini Gold Monstera Wallet by Crown + Oak
Monstera Leaf Necklace by Boske by Kat
Women’s Vintage Blue Dolman Tee by Limahana

Tropical Leaf Lapel Pin by Heather Buchanan


Monstera Embroidery Pattern by ThreadFolk

Hand Carved Wood Block Stamp by Blackleaf Art
Monstera Leaf Cotton Fabric by Spoonflower