Future Fonts is a really unique place to buy type.

The platform takes a cue from software development, by distributing a workable version of a typeface and then subsequently releasing updates as that typeface is refined.

Working with a small selection of vetted type designers, Future Fonts provides early access to type that is previously unreleased. That means you’ll get the type in your hands at a lower price point (prices increase as versions are released), have the ability to provide direct feedback and help to fund the project in the process. Pretty cool concept, if you ask me.

I’ve rounded up a handful of favorites below.


By Very Cool Studio

“Gooper was drawn in adoration of goopy, swashy, fat faced, tight and touching old style serifs. It sits as a companion to Cooper, Bookman, and dry transfer/photo lettered era display type.”



By Sun Helen I. Kalvenes

“Ricochet is a display typeface well suited for branding projects, logotypes and headlines. The initial inspiration came from the speedball nib and showcard lettering.”



By JazzMaType

“Framboisier is a ‘pumped’ typeface with spiky wedge serifs inspired by the work of the late French graphic & type designer Marcel Jacnovitch better known as Jacno (1904-1989).”


Meek Display

By Ryan Bugden

“The Meek family began as an exploration of the unexpected: a persistently oblique stress, an eclectic mixture of calligraphic and typographic features, and contrast in lieu of serifs. Meek Display is suitable for large text like headlines.”



By Jake Fleming

“With the boldness of Impact and the quirkiness of Goiters, Boxout is a display face with a little bit of flair, sure to add some personality to your design.”


Ohno Blazeface Italic


“Ohno Blazeface Italic began as its roman counterpart, which in turn began as Ohno Fatface, a super black didone that took some bizarre opportunities to fill space.”