The Explorer Package


Brand Clarity


Before you can get anywhere, you need to know where you’re going, what it takes to get there and who you need to reach along the way. This is where brand clarity comes in, which is the sole focus of The Explorer Package.

Once complete, you will have a clear framework through which future brand-related decisions, plans and goals can take shape.

How it Works

We will lay the groundwork for your brand by working together to define 7 essential brand pillars. These are indispensable foundational structures that, once established, will ensure your brand is aligned with who you are and where you’re headed.

We will work collaboratively to get completely clear on the following pillars of your brand:

What you get:

At the end of this stage of our work together, you will receive a custom Brand Map. This PDF document will outline all of the essential pillars of your brand in an easy-to-reference format that will empower you to make aligned choices with confidence and ease.


The Explorer package encompasses a 4-week process, with varying requirements each week. Prior to kick off, I will provide you with some preliminary exercises to complete. Then as we move forward, our collaboration will oscillate between work that is required of you on your own time and review and discussion of work that is presented to you. 




Two ways to pay:


In full at the time of booking.


In 3 installments that include a 2% processing fee: $867 billed at: 

  1. Booking 
  2. Week 2 
  3. Week 4

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