The Voyager Package


Brand Clarity + Visual Identity + Online Presence


The Voyager Package is focused on three outcomes: helping you get to a place of Brand Clarity, bringing that clarity to life through design, and establishing your brand’s online presence. We’ll work together to ensure that at the end of this process you are equipped with:

  1. A clear framework through which future brand-related decisions, plans and goals can take shape.

  2. A complete suite of visual elements that will empower you to execute on those plans and goals.

  3. A digital home that will tie everything together and help you to connect with the people you want to reach.

How it Works

This package will be executed in 3 stages. We’ll start by establishing your brand’s foundation through Brand Clarity. Next, we’ll translate that into design by creating your Brand Identity. Lastly, we’ll bring everything together by establishing an online presence for your brand.

Stage 1: Brand Clarity

We will lay the groundwork for your brand by working together to define 7 essential brand pillars. These are essential foundational structures that, once established, will ensure your brand is aligned with who you are and where you’re headed.

Week by week we will work collaboratively to get completely clear on the following pillars of your brand:

Stage 2: Brand Identity

In this stage of the process our focus will be on translating the clarity we established in Stage 1 to a core suite of visual elements that are signature to your brand.

Through the process, we’ll design your brand’s:

Stage 3: Online Presence

At this stage our primary goal will be to establish an online presence that clearly communicates your value and makes it easy for people to learn about what you offer and choose to work with you. This will look like:

What you get:

Stage 1: Brand Clarity

At the end of this stage of our work together, you will receive a custom Brand Map. 

This PDF document will outline all of the key pillars of your brand in an easy-to-reference format that will empower you to make aligned choices with confidence and ease.

Stage 2: Brand Identity

In addition to the creation of your brand’s visual world, you’ll receive a complete suite of brand assets that will empower you to start reaching out, making connections, and doing the work you’re inspired to do. This will include:

* All assets will be formatted for both online and offline use.

Stage 3: Online Presence

The main deliverable you will receive at the end of this stage is a fully functional website. Here’s what that will look like:


The Voyager Package encompasses a 16-week process. The first four weeks will be devoted to Brand Clarity, as outlined in the Explorer Package, the next 6 weeks will be devoted to Brand Identity, and the final 6 weeks will focus on building out your website.

This last stage in the process will be highly collaborative. While we will review and advise you on your content, you will be responsible for writing all of your site’s content and providing it to us by certain dates. Once we move into design and development, the work will mostly be in our hands. Though you will be asked to review and provide feedback at different points along the way.


Brand Clarity

Brand Identity

Online Presence



Two ways to pay:


In full at the time of booking.


In 3 installments that include a 2% processing fee: $3,485 billed at: 

  1. Booking 
  2. Week 8 
  3. Week 16

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