A Brand Clarity, Identity & Website Intensive

The Voyager Workshop


Brand Clarity + Identity + Website

The Gist

The Voyager Package is laser-focused on three goals: helping you get to a place of Brand Clarity, bringing that clarity to life through design, and using all of that foundational work to build your brand’s online home.

Over the course of this three-week intensive workshop, we’ll work together to ensure that you are equipped with:

  1. A clear framework through which future brand-related decisions, plans and goals can take shape, 
  2. A complete suite of visual elements that will empower you to execute on those plans and goals, and 
  3. A fully functional website that will tie everything together and facilitate making connections with the people you want to reach.

The Details


This workshop encompasses all of the essentials for getting your brand out into the world.

We will start by establishing a strong strategic foundation of brand clarity through our signature 7-step process. Then, we will leverage that clarity into a custom visual identity that speaks to your audience and sets you apart. And finally, we will design and build a website that provides your people with direct access to all that you offer, in a way that both maximizes ease of use and welcomes them in.

Your 3-week workshop includes everything from The Traveler Workshop, plus:


Review and assessment of your existing site (if applicable).


Structure and content guidance to maximize clarity and usability:


Custom site design based on your previously established visual identity, including:


Fully responsive WordPress website, including:



NOTE: This timing and process applies to marketing websites with 7 pages or less. If you require additional pages, OR more complex functionality, like a shop, set up a discovery call so we can create something custom for you.

My Commitment

Though the workshop itself only lasts for 3 weeks, your project starts the second you book with me, beginning with a call to kick things off and continuing with support before, during and after our engagement. 

Over the course of our work together, you will have my full and devoted attention. We will work collaboratively as I guide you through a thoughtful and precise process resulting in complete brand clarity, a fully realized visual identity, and a custom-designed functional website.

Your Time Investment

📗 Workbook

You will be provided with an in-depth workbook that will need to be completed before our workshop. This may take a few hours of your time to complete and you will have 2 full weeks to do so.

📗 Technical Questionnaire

You will be provided with a list of technical tasks that need to be completed in advance. These require minimal effort, and include things like setting up certain accounts and providing us with access.

🙋‍♀️ Kick-off call

90 min, 2–3 weeks prior to our workshop

🧰 Workshop

3 full weeks to devote to this project. 
(Though your presence is not required full time! Full itinerary provided after booking.)

🎁 Wrap-up call

1 hour wrap-up call on our last day

Your Financial Investment

Two ways to pay:


1 flat fee of


In full at the time of booking.




Billed in 4-week increments

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A Brand CLARITY & Visual
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Is this right for you?

If any of the following resonates, this workshop might be a perfect fit:


Some answers to a few commonly asked questions:

Yes! By eliminating all distractions outside of your project, and following a carefully-planned process, it is very possible to get all of this done in one day.

We will need to create a custom workshop for you, which will require an additional time and financial investment. Get in touch for more info.

When any new project launches, we do a few things: We create a new results page on our site, we write up a blog post detailing some behind the scenes, and we share all of these updates to our social accounts and newsletter.

You can make any changes you’d like to the site after launch. As part of our workshop, you will be trained on the CMS and site builder so you will know how to make basic changes and update content. If you need help with something more complicated, get in touch. We may be able to help.

Yes! We offer an add-on web maintenance package for $75/month (minimum 6 months) or $750/year. Hosting is also available for an additional fee of $25/month, for a total of $100/month or $1000 a year. (Hosting may only be purchased with web maintenance.)

In addition to the supreme value of your project’s deliverables, you are ultimately paying for the value found in my experience, expertise, and singular focus for the duration of your project. Moving more quickly and efficiently saves you time and fast tracks you to a place where you can execute on your goals. Yes, we could engage in a longer-term project to cut costs, but ask yourself this: How much money will you miss out on making by waiting?

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