CB & Co. is en route to revolutionizing the modern kosher dining experience in New York City.

The Story

CB & Co. is a concept for a kosher comfort food restaurant in New York City in the coming months. With food rivaling the best in non-kosher dining, creator Chaim Kaminker plans to offer elevated American comfort food with casual fine dining sensibilities. I worked with CB & Co. to develop their brand from the ground up, establishing all of the building blocks needed to expand into print and digital materials when the time comes.



Creating the foundational building blocks for the CB & Co. brand.

Brand Strategy

My first task, after determining the initial brand strategy, was to create a mood board to establish the visual direction for the brand. Using the tone direction—artisanal, progressive, whimsical, unpretentious and polished—we came up with a color palette of blues, orange-reds and golds and a look and feel that juxtaposes vintage and modern, hard and soft, polished and rustic.

Brand Identity

A system of logos was developed that includes options for the full company name, as well as multiple monogram designs, to accommodate various extensions of the business and a wide variety of applications.


A primary feature of the CB & Co. brand is the establishment of the legend of CB, a fictional character created to provide backstory for the restaurant concept.

CB was an eccentric figure who had various interests exemplified in the custom pattern we created, from food and wine to fashion and aviation.

To support the primary brand elements, I developed a series of more simplified geometric patterns, as well as a playful and flexible type system that will adapt to the extensive needs of a busy restaurant.