ChimeOn is en route to revolutionizing the podcast listening experience.

The Story

ChimeOn is a tech start-up focused on enhancing the podcast listening experience via the ability to clip and annotate podcast content. My work with ChimeOn began with redesigning and expanding their existing brand identity into one that would be extensible across many different experiences. Our collaboration resulted in a dynamic brand that allowed us to optimize flexibility. The project began with strategy and extended into a complete brand identity system – logo and symbols, color, typography, and digital design for desktop and mobile interfaces.



Creating the foundational building blocks for the ChimeOn brand.

Brand Strategy

ChimeOn’s brand strategy culminated in a singular message — Collect, discover and share compelling podcast moments. We set out to create a brand that spoke to the diversity of dynamic voices in the podcast space, as well as the intimacy that is inherent in the podcast listening experience.

Brand Identity


Bringing the ChimeOn brand online. 

Digital Design

After working with ChimeOn to develop their brand, I was asked to join the team as a Co-Founder. After transitioning into this role, we worked together to develop the entire app interface. Throughout the process I oversaw and executed all brand strategy, design and copywriting.


One focus of our digital design work involved developing a series of designs for ChimeOn’s onboarding process.

Key components of this experience include personalization, content selection, and a multi-step product tutorial.

Mark Editor

ChimeOn’s primary functionality involved the process of clipping and annotating audio content so that it can be saved or shared. The resulting clips, called marks, represented the core of ChimeOn’s value proposition.

As a result, one of the most crucial design projects we completed was the design of the user experience for the mark editor, where users would customize clipped content with quotes, images, and text to make it their own. It was imperative that we design a process that was as easy as possible to use. The end result is an interface that breaks a complex process into simple steps while being informative, engaging, and fun to use.

We also designed a selection of informational and functional pages for ChimeOn’s website.

This included sharing pages, seen here, which also functioned as marketing pieces that promoted in-app features and encouraged new user sign-ups.