Element Seafood is en route to cornering the oyster market in NYC and beyond.

The Story

When longtime client W&T Seafood decided to shift gears with a name change for the shellfish division of their business, they came to me to develop their new brand, collateral and website. Moving forward as Element Seafood, the company aims to establish themselves as experts in the premium shellfish market—spreading their knowledge, love and appreciation for oysters and oyster culture far and wide. Throughout the branding process we focused on the company’s 5 core values as guiding principles—honesty, education, quality, progress and clarity.



Creating the foundational building blocks for the Element Seafood brand.

Brand Strategy

As we fleshed out the general direction for the Element Seafood brand we established a more specific tone for the brand’s look and feel. We arrived at a set of 5 key words to guide this process—knowledgeable, forward-thinking, experienced, fresh and approachable. Using this tone as a guide, we set out to create a mood board that would provide a foundation for the visual brand elements. The mood board helped us to establish the direction for the color palette, typography and overall look and feel that would eventually develop in more detail.

Brand Identity

The first major focus of the identity development process was creating a flexible logo system that will work in various applications. We designed a series of typographic logos to be used in both black and white and color. As shown below, the 6 playful colors in the primary palette can be used interchangeably within these elements, creating a consistency as well as a sense of playfulness.

To support the primary logo, we designed a pair of accent logomarks to be used in conjunction with the primary logo. These designs can also be used in all colors and in various applications.

We also developed the tagline for the new company—Smart. Honest. Fresh.—which captures their values and mission in a nutshell, and developed a visual treatment for display.

The brand was extended to include other visual elements for added interest, including a library of vintage nautical illustrations and a series of rustic canvas textures to remove a layer of polish from the brand.


Extending the Element Seafood brand into the tactile world.


Bringing the Element Seafood brand online. 

The Element Seafood website is a complex structure that pushes the limits of WordPress to its maximum capabilities.

The fully responsive site features extensive content handling for multiple audiences, modular blogging capabilities that support content such as recipes, guides comprised of multiple posts, and product promotion, as well as a section to display upcoming and past events. A fully functional shop is a prime counterpart of the site, featuring multiple categories, the ability to add product variations, shipping conditions and more.