Hyperblack Studios is en route to elevating premium ecommerce brands with their unmatched product photography.

The Story

Hyperblack Studios is a tight-knit team of seasoned experts in the e-commerce photography industry, who has seen much success and growth as an early stage company. As they work towards expanding into new markets, they came to us looking for a site redesign that more accurately reflected their level of expertise in order to attract their ideal clients.


Prior to working with us, the Hyperblack site had been expertly optimized for SEO; but it was missing the human-centric content and polished design that would attract their ideal clients.

We set out to redesign the structure, content and design of every page, so that no matter where someone lands, they are met with a level of quality that reflects Hyperblack’s own expertise.

Our first step, after taking an inventory of the existing site, its content and functionality, was to infuse more human-centered copy into the site. 

We partnered with Kara Jordan to pare down their existing more SEO-driven copy and craft new copy that would grab their ideal client’s attention. 

The site was precisely adapted for mobile screens, to ensure that Hyperblack’s ideal clients have a seamless experience from device to device.

One new feature of this site build was the creation of a blog to showcase their deep product photography knowledge. We built a simple, yet flexible, standard post format to optimize content for both reading and viewing images.

Beyond static product photography, Hyperblack is also well-versed in capturing video. We showcased this skillset on the site’s Motion section, with a video feature that grabs you as soon as you land on that page.