LionTutors is en route to helping Penn State students get the grades they want.

The Story

LionTutors, a company that offers academic support to Penn State students in the form of review sessions and study guides, has been a client partner for close to a decade. Over the years we’ve executed various brand refreshes and upgrades, assisted them in extending their brand in many directions from advertising to collateral to website projects.



Creating the foundational building blocks for the LionTutors brand.

Brand Identity

LionTutors initially came to me with an existing identity that was in need of a refresh. We worked together to upgrade their brand by establishing a well-defined system consisting of a new typeface, logo options, color palette, patterns and more.



One of the biggest changes in this brand refresh is the development of a new lion mascot.

I collaborated with illustrator Ryan Marshall to create a playful yet studious character that is much more suited to the LionTutors brand. He is now used on many of the LionTutors materials and is a primary identifier for the brand.




Bringing the LionTutors brand online. 


Being a company that works with college students, quite a large volume of promotional and educational materials are required.

I’ve designed a slew of print and digital materials over the course of our working relationship together. One of the larger systems I’ve developed is a suite of digital advertisement templates that can be customized with an offer type and targeted towards specific class offerings.


The new LionTutors website is a complex, fully responsive system that manages a large amount of data for front-end viewing and interaction.

In addition to standard informational content, the site features robust content targeted towards specific classes. This includes review session dates and times, tutor bios and relevant material downloads. Functionality is in place to require mailing list sign-up for students requesting materials, as well.

Internal Scheduling System

A massive component of this new site is the back-end functionality we’ve provided to the LionTutors team. We worked closely with LionTutors to understand the systems they have in place and subsequently develop a platform that would help to streamline their internal processes.

This preliminary work led us to a robust calendar system that is fully hooked into the CMS and front-facing site. Review sessions can now be scheduled from one central location which, since they are fully linked, cuts down on time spent jumping back and forth from calendar to website and vice versa. The calendar we developed includes day, week and month views, multiple filtering options, a color coded system showing room locations, and more—essentially providing the administration with a solution that allows them to fully manage the scheduling side of their business in one place.

A primary feature of the new system is the implementation of a detailed process by which review sessions are scheduled and assigned to tutors. Admins have the ability to propose review session times to various tutors, leading them through a review process in full communication with tutors, and ending with review sessions being scheduled and pushed live to the site. On the other end, tutors have access to their own, slightly different, interface that facilitates their review and acceptance of proposed review session slots.

On the front end, we’ve also hooked the calendar into a monitor displayed at the LionTutors offices so that students entering the building can see at a glance where their session is located.