Take 5 is a curated, monthly selection of design resources that are meant to jumpstart your creativity. This month, 5 hand-picked Creative Market finds that include mock-ups, fonts, patterns and more.

1. Howards Font Family + Extras

“Howards Font Family includes 9 fonts that have different styles from each other but at the same time perfectly paired when used together create your best design with this font for any purposes suck as t-shirts, sign, sticker, logos, poster design, magazine, mark, and others.”


2. The Lovestory Font Collection

“Lovestory SVG Fonts are made by converting hand painted watercolour lettering , unchanged, including all its transparency and high resolution watercolour detail – into an actual font – as you type your letters out, it looks like you have just hand painted them.”


3. Balinese Ikat Watercolor Set

This watercolor set includes “a set of freshly made hand-painted watercolour patterns inspired by traditional Indonesian ikat dyeing and weaving of fabric.”


4.Gemstone Cutting Pattern Volume 02

“Forty-three shapes of gem goodness have been reproduced manually, line per line, from an illustration plate taken from a late 1800s book about gems cutting. They provide beautiful, and sometimes intricate, line work overlays for photos, but can also be center pieces in their own right. Another application would be hidden as a smaller icon within a bigger composition.”


5. Storefront 2 Apparel Mockups Bundle

“The best-selling apparel mockups ever created. Storefront 2™ is the only mockup system so realistic that even professional photographers can’t tell the mockups apart from actual product photos.”


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