We’re about to close out another month, and that means a new Unsplash Collection! (If you missed the introduction post and have no clue what I’m referring to, you can get all the details right here.)

For the second collection, I’ve scoured the Unsplash library and handpicked 25 modern architectural images. As with the first set, this collection is versatile enough to be used for all sorts of different businesses, such as law firms, accountants or headhunters, for example.

If your brand’s tone includes words like clean, modern or sleek, this set of images could work really well for you.

I’ve also made a point to choose images that offer plenty of white space so they could be used as feature images or as backgrounds for typography. There are lots of possibilities for how you could put them to use.

A few highlights from the collection are pictured below, but you can check out and download the entire set on Unsplash.