Project Details

The idea for Gypset & Pearl was born out of creator Brittany Cramer Manning’s storied experiences traveling the globe, and the life-changing brands and products she’s discovered along the way. A brick-and-mortar shop in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Gypset & Pearl provides its customers with a one-stop shop for the best in beauty, skincare, home and lifestyle products, inspiring wanderlust along the way. Our role in the shop’s creation included development of the brand from the ground up, extending through initial tone and visual direction, all the way through to execution.

Scope of Work

  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Design
  • Print Collateral



Our first objective was to establish the overarching visual direction for Gypset & Pearl. Guided by our tone of “Refined Bohemian” we created a look and feel that is laid-back, eclectic, soft, and feminine, with a few classic details in the mix.

We began the visual development process by creating the cornerstone pieces of the identity. This included a primary, typographic logo, a monogram and a treatment for the tagline, Boutique Beauty. The typographic choices made juxtapose classic and elegant serif letterforms alongside a more free-flowing, handwritten script, establishing a balance between the refined and the bohemian aspects of the brand.

The brand was extended to include visual elements that will accommodate many different applications. Extensions include vintage coral illustrations in the established color palette of blues, greens, creams and coral pinks, as well as a series of sun-drenched photos landscapes and cityscapes from around the world.

The typography system was supplemented with a classic, open sans serif typeface to add variety and support more complex content as needed.

The visual representation of the Gypset & Pearl girl, illustrated by Leah Quinn, is also a strong component of the brand. Drawn with a couple of different detail options, the girl represents the quintessential customer. She is both refined and bohemian, spirited and sophisticated, whimsical and indulgent. Leah’s illustration was also extended to the design of a map showing the boutique’s specific location in Jacksonville Beach.


Various collateral, including business cards and postcards, were designed as promotional pieces utilizing all of the previously established brand elements.


The Gypset & Pearl website is an essential component of the brand. We designed and developed a fully responsive site that incorporates various functionality including social media feeds, modular blogging capabilities and linking to an in-store loyalty program.