Project Details

Herb ‘n Zest is a gourmet food brand, offering condiments and cooking sauces that will turn any home cook into a gourmet chef. Seeking more growth and traction in the market, Herb ‘n Zest came to us to help them refine their message and visual brand, in order to more accurately align with their ideal customer base.

Scope of Work

  • Brand

Brand Development

Our first step was to assess the brand’s current situation alongside their goals for the future. We underwent an in-depth brand development process, dissecting their current and ideal market and their existing packaging and brand. We quickly realized that the existing look and feel was not reflective of the values they wanted to communicate, so we set established a new tone to work with through the next steps of the process.

Once the tone was established we moved on to more specific language and visuals. We created a mood board to reflect the new look and feel and began to piece together the visual details of the new brand. A wordmark was designed for the Herb ‘n Zest logo, which was executed by the Herb ‘n Zest team’s designer. To support the new logo, we created a system of typography and color that would work for an expanding line of products, to ensure both brand consistency and product differentiation.

We also collaborated on the development of a tagline. We brainstormed, reviewed and discussed countless options, eventually landing on the simple expression of the products’ brand promise, “Everyday Extraordinary.”


After determining the high-level brand elements, we moved more specifically into the packaging plan. We developed structure within the color palette that would allow for extensive color combinations to provide plenty of extensibility in the future. We established that products could also feature a geometric pattern as further differentiation, whether between product types—cooking sauces, condiments—or flavors.

As part of our work with Herb ‘n Zest, we also advised on language and information hierarchy. One of the main objectives was to establish guidelines for how product descriptors would be worded to ensure that clear messaging and consistent tone from product to product. Various options were discussed before landing on a short and sweet approach that will be a quick and engaging read for the consumer.

A typography system was established to create a more clear information hierarchy, ensuring a quick read on the shelves amongst the products’ competitors. A sample package swatch was designed to demonstrate how all of the elements would work together.

We took the package design one step further by using one sample product to establish a grid for the label design. We set up various guidelines for layout, type and content, and Herb ‘n Zest’s designer executed labels for the full suite, culminating in a vibrant line of products with a clear message—one that any home chef would want in their pantry.