Project Details

In conjunction with the release of his new book, Eyes Wide Open, and a move into the public speaking sphere, Isaac Lidsky and the team at Augur enlisted us to develop a brand that would convey his unique message and inspiring story. Isaac is a successful businessman with a law degree, experience clerking for two Supreme Court justices, a TED Talk with over 1.7 million views, and a slew of other accomplishments. He also happens to have lost his sight due to a rare degenerative disease, and as a result he has an inspiring story to tell.

Scope of Work

  • Brand
  • Print
  • Web


We set out to design a clean, modern and dynamic brand that was inspirational and uplifting while not skewing too feminine. We chose a clean sans serif typeface with some interesting details and a wide variety of weights to anchor the brand, putting it to use in the two primary typographic logos as well as in the supporting text.

The supporting graphic elements were created with the concept of light and dark in mind. We used a series of gradients as well as a group of circular, sunburst-like graphics to demonstrate this concept, utilizing a color palette of bold, vibrant, gender-neutral colors to further demonstrate the idea.


We extended the brand visuals into a clean and modern business card design and established design direction for simple video bumpers that would be used to brand Isaac’s digital content.


We worked with Isaac’s previously established content and Augur’s wireframe direction to design and develop a modular website that will accommodate growth and change as needed. Fully responsive, the site features a series of modules that can be mixed and matched from page to page, allowing for flexibility in content creation for the in-house team.